AEX Design

AEX design studio investigates your project requirements and potential. We study various architectural and planning solutions until you are a satisfied and happy client. We often recommend green and sustainable practical concepts to our living problems.

Faced with a pandemic means we give even more careful thought to our built and natural environment. Of how our spaces - both inside and outside or public and private - need to reflect the essence of how we want to live, work, play and interact with our families, friends, colleagues and guests.

Regular Design services

When you engage AEX for the Regular Design services, you have the option to receive the full Detailed Architectural and Engineering Design (DAED) or Detailed Architectural Design (DAD) services. The design process is divided into:

  1. Project Definition Phase
  2. Schematic Design Phase
  3. Design Development Phase
  4. Contract Document Phase
  5. Bidding or Negotiation Phase
  6. Construction Phase

Send us a message if this is something you want to talk about further! We'd be happy to know more about your project.

Specialized Design services

Design services needed within and outside the building which fall under Specialized Architectural Services include:

  1. Architectural Interiors (AI)
  2. Acoustic Design
  3. Architectural Lighting Layout and Design
  4. Site Development PLanning (SDP)
  5. Site and Physical Planning Services (including Master Development Planning, Subdivisions Planning and urban Design)
  6. Comprehensive Development Planning

Environmental planning

AEX is separately qualified and experienced as an Environmental Planner. Beyond the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP), scope includes:

  • Physical Component
  • Economic Component
  • Socio-Cultural component
  • Transport Component
  • Legal and Administrative Component
  • Historic and Cultural heritage Conservation and Planning
  • Security Evaluation and Planning
  • Forensic Architecture
  • Structural Conceptualization
  • Preliminary Services
  • Special Building / Facility Planning and Design
  • Building Components

Design-Build services

The scope of Design-Build Services by Administration is similar to that of the Architect’s Regular Design Services. But when the phases of design services are completed, the Construction Phase goes beyond periodic inspection and assessment to include the actual implementation and construction of the project itself. The design build process is divided into:

  1. Project Definition Phase
  2. Schematic Design Phase
  3. Design Development Phase
  4. Contract Document Phase
  5. Construction Phase

Let us know if you would like to explore Designing and Building your project.

Our Vision

We align our aesthetics towards a sensible process and mindful design: for our client, towards the project and our environment. We are now living in unprecedented times, so we adhere the call to go back to the essentials and live in harmony with nature. We want our client's requirements to shine through in a unique and exemplary manner, truly reflecting our time and place.

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