Our five-step application process

In order to serve all our clients rapidly and efficiently, we walk through the following steps for each of our projects. This is just a guide for initial understanding and the last steps may vary according to your preferred arrangement.

During the project, you will communicate directly with the lead architect in charge of your project.

You can also retain us to have people working exclusively on your projects and according to your program. This way, you have full communication access and control of your project. Please contact us if you prefer this working setup.


Tick off requirements, send us your instruction sheet

The project’s scope and description, timeframe allowed, file structure/ format and package delivery requirements, calculate the total price you have to pay in the quotation form. No hidden costs nor additional fees are slid in, unless you tick-off more services needed. Then you will receive our proposal. We now start a two-way email communication for your further instructions.


Deposit Advance Fee

Upon our receipt confirmation of Fee deposit from our bank, we inform you to upload your files (CAD and PDF or JPG) into the designated link we send.


First submission

If all initial instructions are clear, submission will be uploaded after 72 hours. Depending on the services you selected from our pricing and manpower matrix, the final product will be with you within your time requirements.


Revision round

You have a round of revision comments within 24 hours after first submission. But if we get your comments within 12 hours, the sooner you will receive back the revised drawing sheets.


Final submission

You receive our Final submission sheets with all timely revisions included. Only then will you have to pay the rest of the balance.

Extra revisions

You can easily contact us for more revisions after your presentations feedback or if you proceed to your next stage in design.

About your drawings files

After confirmation of final balance fee, we release all CAD and raw files to you, including returning all your original and reference files. If we do use an image or sheet we worked on for our promotional purposes, it will only be after your permission.

Need more information?

Please send us an email, we'll gladly answer all your questions in person!

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