Smart designs and innovation excite us tremendously. Technology today is expanding in leaps and knows no bounds, yet we are living during these unprecedented times. How does this apply to our buildings and houses? And how does this translate to a Philippine context? We will explore these subjects in this ongoing series of writings and hope to inspire and inform you along the way.


Studies have shown that in a few years' time, the majority of people around the world will live in cities. One can imagine how burdened city systems are now becoming. Beyond architecture, we ponder on food security, mobility and transportation, dignified shelter, the air we breathe, the climate and natural environments we need. All are essential not only to survive, but to live well-balanced and meaningful lives.

As it is, these are already sorely lacking in current cities in the Philippines. What can we do as individuals to engage in or spread awareness of how solidly-designed and built structures not only affect our physical, but also our mental and emotional well-beings?

AEX writings are thoughts and ideas of our staff - some concrete, some visionary - and management may or may not necessarily agree nor endorse the same. But we can have lively discussions on these nonetheless.