Hello! We are AEX.

We are a small group of designers and planners  based in the Philippines. We have an established office but maintain a skeletal staff  during this global pandemic, where we also activate Work-from-Home mode as needed. 

Since our foundation, we have accumulated experience in various types of projects. That includes local design and construction projects here in the Philippines.

Let's talk about your project

Locally rooted, internationally experienced

AEX is a full-service architectural design consultancy. We are a young company but our combined experience of 25 years spans working in Southeast to Middleast Asia. Innovative, socially-conscious designs & humanizing architecture inspire us constantly.

AEX has been working with international design consultants from Germany, Oman, UAE, the US and UK. Whether for traffic planning, acoustic studies, lighting design, specialized materials and the like. We offer expertise from professionals who have intimate knowledge of global standards and forecasts. We combine that with our local architects, designers and engineers who have first-hand experience in our immediate market and to quality resources.

AEX is well-experienced in residential design, whether for single-family use or multi-storey apartment developments. We have worked with diverse commercial buildings, including high-end car showrooms and retail shops. Special spaces like exhibition halls, museum galleries and incubator laboratories. We have handled master plans for universities, government facilities and mixed-use buildings with successful results from international accounts. As much as possible, our local projects reflect practical green technologies, passive design and smart approaches. We are looking forward to further apply our enriched experiences in the Philippine market and to the regions beyond.

Our vision
Sensible and sustainable

We align our aesthetics towards a sensible process and mindful design: for our clients, towards the projects and our environment. Our buildings and cities need too many essential things at the moment, but least of which are unnecessary adornments and tasteless decorations. What we need are logical thoughts injected, right from the beginning of the projects. We want our clients' requirements to shine through in a unique and pleasing manner, and truly reflects our time and place. We ascribe to the global call to practice sustainable principles and consider it our directive to implement in our works.